Brand and packaging: Reval is a line of accessories born at the beginning of the years 2000, that takes care of packaging and celebratres products aesthetics. Product selection: All products are highly selected, with the purpose to increase customs interesting. References assortment: Lines assortment is finalized to give an image of specialization to the consumer. Products peculiarity: Our investments are focused on quality and quality items, exclusive shapes and colours and this is the strenght point of new Reval collection. Value for money: In a period as this it is important to respect this aspect, Reval is distinguished for this too. Exposure productss: We have built display of strong impact, introduction is very important for sales success, this is our line key strenght. Anti-theft: As required Baccolino Trade is one of first companies to provide this very important service in the sector. On each item we will put electromagnetic label. Reval Line for Hair Accessories Line for hair They are packed with white colour ground to guarantee diversification and product value. Our packaging enhances accessories line for hair in comparison to competition, that is directed on cheap materials, less attractive and poor. Brushes and combs A completely new range to relaunch sales of such items that since year is present with same models. This is the new Baccolino Trade marketing strategy in this sector that wants to change things, suggesting new proposals, both classical both new items according to new design. Pochette Pochette goes to implement and to complete the accessories line, in different colours and models, we try to suggest fashion design and more attractive. Our new product lines: BLACK & TURTLE black and turtle classic TREND fashion and trend colour ELEGANGE sensual and feminine to the nth degree COLOR all coloured & fantasy, that recalls spring-summer colours FLUO COLOR fluorescent trendy colours Reval line for body hygiene Our body care is part of everyday life and it means fell good about yourself. No one can do take care of body, even for few moments during the day. Reval line includes face, hands, feet lines, bath and hair and all that means body hygiene. Face New product line about face claensing and make up. The face is a delicate part of our body that need deep care. Hands and feet Hands are as a business card, it is very important take care of them being exposed to atmospheric agents. Feed need toh ave the same cure, in particolar in summer period when they are more exposed. A good manicure and pedicure are important for having beautiful hands and a cared pedicure. With Reval it is possible to have body care. Bath It is a relaxing moment in the shower or a bath, above all after an hard day. Reval products are selected and chosen to make unique this moment! Hair Hair line goes to be added to bath line, it includes hair accessories during and after bath, do-it-yoursellf accessories and also to obtain a look or colour to your hair we have many solutions for any need.
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